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I make Custom Designed clocks, too! I will work with you to get the unique clock you want. I have sold over 300 clocks and have yet to find a clock that I could not make.

I can change the thread colors of a design (if you like) to match your décor. Just let me know what colors you would like to change from the colors shown in the pictures. There is no additional charge for this. Also, clocks can be personalized with a name or saying. Available Clock Colors. Be sure to indicate clock color:

  1. GREEN (i.e., Grass/Tree Green)
  3. WHITE
  4. BLACK
  5. LIGHT BLUE (i.e, Baby/Sky Blue)
  7. BURNT RED (kind of a cranberry color)
  8. CREAM
  9. SEA FOAM GREEN (new color!)
  10. SLATE BLUE (new color!)

* Wood clocks. Because of the price difference between the cost of the clocks listed above and a wooden one, your clock design in a wood frame will cost $10.00 extra.

Background Fabric Color: Be sure to indicate background fabric color. (For example: white, cream, tan, pink, light blue, yellow, seafoam green, gray, etc.)

I have many colors -- ask me if I have your color. I can also do bright yellow, white, or pink sparkle backgrounds which look especially nice on some of the Baby clocks and Angel clocks.

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