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Custom Embroidery Designs and Logos

To have your specific logo or artwork digitized for embroidery (put into machine stitches so it can then be stitched on your items), email your artwork to me and I will send it to a digitizer for an estimate. The price for digitizing ranges from $25 on up, depending on the level of detail and difficulty. The cost of the digitizing is a one-time fee and once your artwork is digitized, you will be able to have it stitched on whatever you wish*. The digitized embroidery file will be put on a CD for you to keep.

* Designs can usually be enlarged no more than 20% or reduced no more than 20%. If the design is digitized to be sewn on a hat, but then you want to stitch it big (on a jacket back, for example), this would actually require having two different sized designs because taking a small hat-size design and enlarging it to a jacket-back size would not work very well. The same goes if you wanted to take a jacket-back size design and reduce it to stitch on a hat. If you wanted your logo on both hats and jacket backs, this would actually require digitizing two different designs. The good news is that usually when you have the same artwork, but want two or three different sizes, the cost is not as much as it would be for two totally different designs. Oh, and by the way, a hat size logo will usually work as a left chest logo, too.

Please note: I do not stitch embroidery designs that are trademarked or copyrighted images without written permission. Also, I will not have artwork digitized that is trademarked or copyrighted without written permission. The risks of infringing upon copyright and pattern ownership is too great. If you have an existing embroidery design or copyright artwork, we will have to write and see if there's a way to gain permission to use it.

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